Happy Meal, Happy Husband

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I remember the first time Tom cooked for me during one of our dates, he made spaghetti with Italian sauce. It was simple but it tasted good! We still joke about how he spiked the meal that night with “gayuma” (love potion) so I’d fall in love with him, haha! Seriously, knowing that he’s great in the kitchen made me fall in love with him even more.

To be honest, Tom cooked most of the time when we first got married. I was so busy with work for the first two years in our marriage that I didn’t have time to be in the kitchen. It was fine since he grew up making his own meals. I made the decision to change careers after Aryanna was born. I wanted to spend more time with the family and make meals and memories together.

My husband and I have been married for 20 years now and I’ve been cooking most of our meals everyday since. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I love cooking for Tom and for years I’ve made him “happy meals”:


Cheese, tomato and onion omelette (Tom likes it crispy outside and gooey inside) and whole grain buns

The first time I plated his breakfast with a happy face he chuckled, “What am I, 12?” LOL


He was relentless with his wisecracks but I was also adamant about my happy face plating. I knew deep inside it made him smile. 🙂


Beef & veggie burgers with brown rice

The one time I plated his meal in an ordinary fashion, he commented, “What happened to my happy face?” BOOM! That was my “gayuma”, HAHA! Hashtag: hinahanaphanap


Bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns and whole grain toasts with coffee

Happy Tom!


Family and food

I believe that one of the secrets to a lasting relationship is cooking for each other. Food is an intimate experience and cooking brings people together. Good food creates memories and makes the heart grow fonder.

Cook for love and fun!

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