Guilt-Free Insta Coffee

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Mornings are hard. Some days, you barely have enough time to put on a descent face or put together a coordinated outfit for school or work. The struggle is real. Thanks to coffee (aka survival juice), it gives us a much needed boost to start our day.


San Mig Super Coffee Sugar Free

Coffee is the rocket fuel of the busy bee however, drinking it throughout the day can quickly pile on the calories. Yikes! Good news: you can have your coffee fix every day without the guilt with San Mig Super Coffee Sugar Free because it’s sugar free, sweetened with Splenda! San Mig Super Coffee Sugar Free is low fat and lower in calories.

When life gives you San Mig Super Coffee, make it three ways:

Hot & quick



We have foam, Houston!

Iced cold cup of Joe


Stay alert and keep it cool!



On the go coffee


Quick & easy


Coffee cocktail anytime, anywhere plus, sugar free!


San Mig Super Coffee Sugar Free comes in three variants to suit your taste: Original, Strong, and Mild.

Get your guilt-free, low fat, low calorie coffee fix with San Mig Super Coffee Sugar Free, sweetened with Splenda!

San Mig Super Coffee Sugar Free available in all major supermarkets nationwide

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