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First of all, I’d like to thank Beach Hut for sending me their products!

Aryanna and I got maximum protection using your sunblock at the beach.

From left: Beach Hut 40ml Lotion Sunblock, Beach Hut Max Clear Spray SPF75, Beach Hut Hair and Scalp Clear Spray SPF20, Beach Hut Kids SPF65, Clear Spray Sunblock, Beach Hut One Touch Clear Spray with SPF20, Beach Hut Max 100++, Beach Hut Face SPF65

Here are some product information from our friends from Beach Hut:

Your summer can be all about going on adventures, which often requires traveling light. That’s no problem anymore since Beach Hut 40ml Lotion Sunblock comes with a carabiner that you can just strap on and use anytime, anywhere. It’s perfect for the nature-loving, thrill-seeking, always-on-the-go summer adventurer in you.

A carabiner is a metal loop with a sprung gate

There shouldn’t be any reason for you to be left unprotected under the sun. Beach Hut Max Clear Spray SPF75 is the highest SPF available for a clear spray so you can stay under the sun longer! It’s a non-messy, non-sticky formula that doesn’t leave any white streaks. Available in 150ml.

You know that feeling when your hair feels heavy and dry when you come out of the water? That’s the salt from the sea water and other harmful chemicals that stay in your hair and scalp, along with the harsh effects of sun exposure. Our solution: Beach Hut Hair and Scalp Clear Spray SPF20. It keeps your hair silky smooth and moisturized all day, while also keeping your scalp protected from the brilliant sun. A first and one-of-a-kind product from Beach Hut.

Kids can really get excited when they see sand and the open water. That’s why we have Beach Hut Kids SPF65 Clear Spray Sunblock. It’s gentle on the skin but provides tough protection against sunburn, skin darkening, and other more damaging effects of the sun. It also has Vitamins C & E and a refreshing citrus scent, a definite plus for the little ones.

Beach Hut Classic Clear Spray SPF36 is a non-sticky and non-messy sunblock that is perfect for any day. It provides better, easier and even application that you can just spray and go!

Protecting yourself from the sun need not be a hassle. If you prefer continuous, super easy, and even protection, use Beach Hut One Touch Clear Spray with SPF20. It’s in aerosol format so you don’t even need to spread after spraying — truly a no-mess, non-sticky sunblock. Try it out in 170ml.

My favorite: The Beach Hut One Touch SPF20 is super easy to apply and I give it two legs up for the no-mess spray!

Beach Hut Max 100++ is the latest addition to the bunch. It provides extremely high SPF protection minus the messy and oily feel regular lotion sunblock bugs you with. It has micronized zinc oxide so it’s light, non-messy, and quick drying while offering 99% protection from sunburn, skin darkening, and other more damaging effects of the sun caused by UVA/UVB rays.

Sensitive? Not to worry. Beach Hut Face SPF65 is specially designed for those of you have very sensitive skin. It is formulated with micronized zinc oxide that’s ultra mild and hypoallergenic but can still completely protect you from the harmful UVA/UVB rays while keeping your skin moisturized.

Thinking of getting a tan? Beach Hut also has a line of tanning products: Beach Hut Deep Tanning Dry Oil SPF 4, Beach Hut Instant Shimmer Tanning Oil SPF 10, and Beach Hut Tan & Protect Dry Oil SPF 15

While other tanning products contain sunless tanning agents such as Dihydroxacetone (DHA), Beach Hut’s Tanning Line uses macadamia oil, a plant-derived tanning agent that moisturizes dry and rough skin, and a good antioxidant. Now, the only thing to think about is getting that perfect tan line.

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