Get A Tan, Man!

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Rainy days are here but guys (and gheys too) should always keep their tan. There’s absolutely no excuse to turn pale, boys! (And no, you can’t use “Edward” as an excuse. He’s a vampire.)

Boys tend to stick to what they know, and are afraid to play with colors. I say, you can now stand out and warm up the room with something classic and timeless! Get yourself a tan, boys! It’s the easiest way to pop out of the gloomy backdrop and catch some attention!

From a tan sweater to something understated like a tan tie on a white crisp shirt… this will instantly make you look like a man of distinction without looking blah!

Here’s a few looks to try on!

Peg: Steve McQueen


Margaret Howell Classic Wool-Blend Sweater

J.Crew Straight-Leg Corduroy Trousers

Paul Smith Shoes & Accessories Vintage Style Leather Brogues

Aubin & Wills Hynecroft Corduroy Tie

Mulberry Ted Leather Satchel


Now boys some crucial fashion advice to all of you: remember to mix, match, and ask the wifey/lovey how you look! You’ll never go wrong! LOL

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  1. Ms. Jenni, I liek this satchel. Better than Cambridge’s. would you know how much and where can we get it? (Feeling lang) Hehe

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