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Remember my Top 5 category? I’m calling it now Five Favorites. La lang.

Five Favorites are things, moments, people that inspire me. I-explain ko talaga? Haha

1. Sevrin Yoghurt Maker

Aryanna got her dad a yogurt maker for Christmas. Great gift, sweetheart!

Tom grew up eating homemade yogurt made both by his mom and grandparents. He swears that it tastes better than store bought ones. We’ve tried it and he’s right! It’s healthier too as there are no artificial flavors or added sugars. You can add your own fresh fruit. If you want to make it simple and less tangy, just honey to it after it’s chilled.

Although, making your own yogurt is quite a tedious process — everything (pots, jars, cooking utensils) must be sterilized or else you’ll be growing two kinds of bacteria — the good and the bad ones.

It took Tom three times before he got the recipe and procedure right. Now, he makes fresh yogurt every two days for the whole family. My kids, Aryanna and Dylan live for Tom’s homemade yogurt.

Warning: Don’t buy a yogurt maker if you’re not prepared to put in the time. It takes Tom 30-45 minutes to make a batch.

The yogurt man

2. The Little Black Jacket 

‘The Little Black Jacket’ is coffee table book of CHANEL’s classic bouclé jacket revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld’. No text, just iconic portrait shots of famous people wearing the iconic jacket in various ways.

I love the portrait shots and the matte paper used for the book. I’m tempted to rip and frame the pages! @.@

One of my favorite portraits in the book is Anna Wintour’s take on The Little Black Jacket. Iconic!

3. Scotch® Magic™ Tape Dispenser in Pink and Black Stilettos styles

Dress your desk in style with this new must have accessory: Stiletto Tape

I love this stylish tape dispenser! Aryanna has the pink one and mine is the black pumps.

4. Whatever It Takes mobile phone cover designed by Dame Vivienne Westwood from Digits Trading

It’ so frustrating to look for cool iPhone 5 cases as the gadget is fairly new. I’m so glad Digits Trading sent me stylish mobile phone covers! Thanks! My favorite is the one Dame Vivienne Westwood designed. I love the pastel blue color and the bone-y illustration!

Thinspiration = “Jenni Bones” for 2013! LOL

5. FujiFilm Instax Mini 7S

Tom and I gifted Aryanna this camera for Christmas. It’s a fun little gadget and great for capturing all your memories.

The Eppersons love this camera so much, we’re doing a family project with it.

Beautiful photo prints in an instant!

The FujFilm Instax instant film also comes in various designs, from plain white to Candy (polka dots), Stained Glass, Disney characters, and more!

(Photo taken using Instagram)

(Photo taken using Instagram)

FujiFilm Instax film in Rainbow

(Photo taken using Instagram)

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      Hi Stella!

      It was hard to find it during the holidays. My husband got lucky and found one at The Collective. Try to put an order in stores now.


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  1. Hi Stella,

    Just wanted to help out. Gifted my sister with the instax cam (in a different color). Bought them at Digital Walker Zoom, Greenbelt. They also have in Powerplant Mall, etc. It is around 3k, just not sure if it’s the exact same one as that of Aryanna’s 😀 you can buy the films from them as well.

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