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These are the hottest commodities in the metro!

1. September U.S. Vogue

902 pages. Nuff said.

2. Flavored Oreo

Oreo’s are the new Kit Kat! They come in assorted flavors and limited edition ones too!

I mean, yummy flavored filling sandwiched between two glorious cookies. No contest.

I’ve never been a fan of Oreo’s unlike my husband Tom who loves eating them frozen! But after trying the Oreo Cool Mint, it’s become my favorite! It’s sooo good but so hard to find! I suggest that you research Instagram stores to find these babies.

Tip: Freeze the cookies. Best served with tea or a tall glass of vanilla soy milk!

3. Bounty Fresh Premium Jumbo Eggs

Tom and I are “egg” people. We eat frittatas, omelletes, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, and so on for breakfast.

It usually takes 3 regular eggs to make a good omelette (according to my husband, I make the best, not to toot my own horn but I make a mean vegetarian omelette)  and with these jumbo eggs, I only need two for my omelette recipe. Less eggs means less calories and more value for your money.

Check the size difference! The left eggs is the regular size and the right is the jumbo egg.

I bought these eggs at S&R. I hope the other groceries get them soon.

4. Betina Luxury T-shirts

What I love: Filipino-made. Fabulous. Fun.

Designed by: Betina was just recently founded in 2012, by Parsons design student Betina Ocampo.

The line’s very first Spring/Summer ’13 collection was born and made in the designer’s native country, The Philippines. Inspiration is drawn from Betina’s travels around South East Asia, translating her cultural experiences into the form of contemporary t-shirts.

Get them now: Celestina, GF Greenbelt 5

5. Chunky chains

Chain chokers or necklaces, bracelets and watch straps are this season’s hottest accessories for work and play!

Wear them with blouses, tunics, caftans or all the way buttoned up shirts for an instant cool look.

From top: F21 silver chain necklace; @thebrandtrunk (Instagram store) multi-layered chain necklace; F21 gold chain necklace

Shoppingero/shoppingera, which of this lot is your favorite and why?


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    1. Post

      Hi Ana!

      I bought them at Bufini, Powerplant Mall branch. You can try National Book Store or Fully Booked too. They can also order for you.


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