My 5 Favorites You’ll Wish You’d Known About Sooner

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If there’s one thing on my blog that I’m always giddy to write about, it’s my 5 Favorites—a list of my preferred fashion, food, decor, beauty, moment, etc.  This is also one category that is untouchable by sponsors so you can be sure that whatever I recommend here has been tried, tested and things I super love!

1. Long Bar Chow (Fries & Chicharon)

Let’s start with the Long Bar Fries, they are like tempura fries covered in savory cajun spice and deep fried to perfection. They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Don’t get me started with the dip that comes with it too! They are not spicy despite the cajun seasoning so my kids love it too. In my opinion, they’re the best fries in town!

The Long Bar Chicharon are glorious pieces of crackling pork served with a spicy vinegar dip. They are sinful but oh-so-good! Best paired with chilled bubbly. You need to do several laps around the pool after eating them.

You can order these two bar chows in any of the restos in Raffles and Fairmont, Makati.

2. Nike Huarache City Low

I’ve been looking for a pair of “Dad Sneaker” (chunky sneakers style from the 90’s also dubbed by fashion insiders as “ugly-chic” sneaks) that is wearable and not comical LOL!

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld wore white chunky and obscure white kicks in his ’90s sitcom show ‘Seinfeld’.

I found a pair of my version of “Dad Sneaker” in Hong Kong during my last trip.

I bought the Nike Huarache City Low in black and white combo. They have chunky soles in the back and tapers beautifully in the front. It has multiple detachable and customizable straps and strings.

The fit is perfect and they’re super comfy! Great for cross-training and traveling too!

I love these sneakers so much that I might just buy another pair in Particle Rose/blush color. Please let them be available in Manilaaaaa!

3. Ooly Notebooks

I love journaling and choosing the right notebook is something I take to heart. I mean, why shouldn’t I when my ideas and future are written in them? I bought several Oooly notebooks from National Book Store last January. I got the Glamtastic Glitter Notebooks (I got the set of 3) as my everyday notebook. I like it because it’s small and light enough to lug around everywhere plus, it’s sparkly!

I also bought the Oooly Flipside Double Sided Notebook (pink and blue combo) because I like the idea that I can separate my notes on my biz Always Sunday and journaling all in one place.

The pastel clips are also from National Book store and I use them to secure my notebooks.

4. House Of Marley Positive Vibration 2 Wireless Headphones

Full disclosure: I received this headphone as gift when I attended the launch of House Of Marley event last March. It was the perfect gift as my other headphones were sequestered by my son. While this may be a gift, I can tell you that it has become my favorite gadget to date! This is not a paid ad. I just really wanted to share with you why these headphones are cool.

I’ve always preferred headphones over earphones. I like the fact that it sits on my head and cups my ears like an earmuff making it feel more cozy and isolated. Although, if I’m being honest, I like the hygiene factor too haha!

It’s got wireless bluetooth connectivity which means you don’t have to be tethered to a wire (there’s a Removable Tangle-free Braided Cable included) and with a 10-12 hour battery life. It also features a sustainable wood and aluminum construction, good sound quality, comfortable and foldable design and accessible price point make it the ideal wireless buddy.

My personal House of Marley Positive Vibration 2 Wireless headphones in silver. I always bring this with me when I go out for coffee, when I want to listen to music or watch movies and whenever I travel.

The best part? A percentage of every House of Marley sale is donated to

House of Marley products are crafted from mindfully sourced materials. Awesome.

5. Finnster & Football

It’s been four years since my son Dylan Finn joined football training. It’s one of the best things we’ve done for him because he has developed excellent football skills and good camaraderie among his teammates. One of my favorite times with my son is watching him and his teammates play in tournaments. Whenever he has a game, the Epperson’s are always in full force.

My boy is a versatile football player as he can play any position (striker, defender, midfielder, etc.) and a really good goalie. He is ambidextrous and has a powerful left kick! While I feel that he is a natural athlete like his dad and sister, it’s his commitment and discipline in going to football practice regularly for the last four years that honed his skills at an early age.

Parents always ask me how I get my children to go to training regularly and my tip is to find a good coach. A coach can make or break a child’s love for any sport. I don’t know how many times I’ve witnessed other coaches screaming at kids and are not very encouraging. I mean, these are just kids who want to have fun. Dylan trains under coach Francis (here is Coach Francis’ contact no.: 0955 889 1628 in case you are interested) and he is a wonderful coach to the kids. He is encouraging, positive, inclusive and a super good footballer! Also, Tom and I never pressure our Finnster to get too serious with the game. We never meddle with the coach nor get frustrated if the team is losing. For us, as long as he gets some exercise and have fun, that’s all that matters. No pressure, just all love and support. As a result, win or lose my son feels good after a game and is always excited for the next one.

I recommend that you get your children into sports this summer and make new favorite memories by watching them play.

Which of my favorites is your favorite? Let me know by writing in the comment box. Thanks!


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