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The “ber” months are here but I’m not feeling the cool weather despite of the occasional rain showers and windy days in the city. It’s still very warm and traffic makes it even more hell-ish for all of us. #Nyeta

It’s the start of the week and I choose to focus on the good. However, it’s challenging especially when there are idiots driving on the road, inefficient public transportation, incompetent law enforcers and some heartless people in government. Ugh. Anyway, being positive doesn’t mean we can’t tell the truth and have an opinion, right? Focus, Jenni! LOL!!! Happy thoughts only. Namaste.

Here are some things that are adding joy to my life and I hope they also bring comfort and happiness to your lives:

Balloon game

Playing with balloons is so much fun! I don’t know of any grown-up and kid who doesn’t enjoy hitting, kicking and tossing a balloon and being silly. If you haven’t tried it, it’s a must! And if you’re one of those uptight individuals (I have my moments), I urge you to relax, have fun and play it with your loved ones and friends. I promise, it will have you laughing in stitches!

Watch our balloon game instavids here, here, and here. Take note, I also played with my family however, they didn’t take a freakin’ video of me, haha!


My family and I fully indulged and played the balloon game during our last staycation at Marriott Manila Hotel.

September issues

I know it’s already October buuuuut… There’s no denying that the September issue of fashion magazines are full of eye candies and great articles—so worth the price tags! I rarely buy printed fashion magazines these days since I just download them from Zinio to save on space at home.  The few times that I do buy copies, my favorite thing to do is to lock myself in the room, sit in my bed surrounded by fluffy pillows and comforter and sip Perrier Lemon while indulging in some reading and browsing time.


The gang’s are all here!

Aburi Chashu Tonkotsu from Ikkoryu Fukoka Ramen

I like anything aburi! From torched sashimi to to flamed meats, it gives any dish a distinct smokey flavor.


Tip: Order tobajan paste on the side to add some heat to your ramen!

Honey Creme’s Honeycomb milk softserve ice cream

My daughter Aryanna introduced me to this soft serve ice cream. I super like the taste and texture of the honeycomb topping however, the ice cream itself is a bit grainy and I wish it was creamier.


Kate Spade gold pouch

Get this free glam pouch from Kate Spade for every P15K worth of purchase! I love mine! Don’t miss out on this worthy promo.


Stay dry people!

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