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I always believed in starting slow but strong at the start of the new year—it’s taking time to smell the roses then creating a floral arrangement with them. In Filipino: Ah! Maganda at mabango ka pala, ha! Teka, mapitas at magawang kang centerpiece! Hahahaha

It’s all about applying learning to everyday life.

Here are some of my favorite things and moments that can make our lives beautiful:

1. Inday Genius Cookbook – I always say that your house staff is as only good as you train them. Empowering them is the key to an efficient, smart and happy household. I came across this cookbook while Aryanna and I were shopping at National Book Store. The cover and title caught our attention. I was delighted to find out that the book is filled with simple and yummy recipes (written in Filipino), several how-tos (it has also teaches helpers proper table settings, how-to serve meals, etc.) and tons of “Sikreto” (secrets)! To the genius authors, BRAVO!

Busy-busyhan si “The Liza 2000” (our small but incredible helper of more than 10 years!) magbasa! LOL

Buy. This. Now.

2. Flowers from Dangwa and other flower markets. ‘Tis the season for fresh cut flowers! The chilly weather makes floral arrangements last longer compared to Summer and they also brighten those bed-weather days.

3. Agedashi Tofu from East, Rustan’s, Makati. East restaurant is one of our family’s favorite lunch and merienda jaunt. We order their tofu dish regularly. It’s a savory recipe and we love the crispy texture and soft buttery tofu goodness inside. Good for sharing (2-3 people can share one order).

4. Old school table setting. Tom and I had the privilege of being invited again to one of the grand homes of a friend in North Forbes Park. The family serves some of the most delicious feasts and the dinner service by the well-trained staff is flawless. Think Downton Abbey, but not stiff. I also fell in love with the tablescape: crisp, white linens, silver flatware, crystal stemware and an unpretentious floral arrangement. Nothing beats the classics.

The best part of the dinner though is the witty and spirited conversations amongst the guests. The hosts were generous, gracious and engaging. I live for those moments!

5. Father & son bonding time. Tom and Dylan are the best dad and son tandem. They are best friends and UFC competitors (Haaaay! Walang iiyak, ha!). I never know what they are talking about but they always seem to be enjoying each other’s company. Capturing their father & son moments in photos, just like the one I took during our stopover (to buy Colette’s Buko Pie, ang saraaaap!) going home from our road trip in Tagaytay a few weeks ago, is priceless.

Shoppinger/shoppingera, how would you like to start the new year?

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