First Christmas In The New Maison Epperson

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We celebrated Christmas in our new old house. I thought it was going to feel a bit weird in a sense that having more square feet would make it feel less cozy. We’ve been so used to spending the holidays in our small condo for many years, crammed in a space where the living and dining rooms were literally one step away and we’re always on top of each other. We loved it!

I have to admit though that having more rooms and areas to hangout in the new Maison Epperson felt relaxing. Everyone was chill and it was easier to wrap each others presents in private, haha!

Here’s how we spent Christmas in the new house:

December 23

Christmas countdown. One of the best thing we installed in our kitchen is the DIY blackboard (we couldn’t find black-colored blackboard paint so Tom mixed his own. He just Googled how-tos) on our China Closet (another cool and practical area in our new house) door. We all doodle and make blackboard art and we even had a Christmas countdown!

December 24

Cozy set-up. Our new formal living room is quite spacious. The idea of having a Santa Stakeout there seemed too cold. Since our family room is still bare (I decided to have some of our furniture custom made and I’ll be sharing with you this exciting project soon!), it was the perfect area to bring out our mattresses, snuggle up to each other and keep our tradition.

Not exactly the way I wanted to decorate the room for the holidays but it will do for now.

Bed weather. For this year, I decided to spice things up by using colorful beddings for the holidays. We changed our all-white Marshmallow Palace (aka our bed) to some printed pillows and blankets and pastel-colored bedsheets (to keep with the marshmallow look. LOL).

Cheers! I also set up a hot cocoa station for the fam but we ended up not drinking any because we got so full from our dinner. Food coma lang ang peg.

Christmas movie marathon. This year’s playlist: “The Polar Express”, “Home Alone 1”, “Elf” and “Arthur Christmas.”

Christmas Eve dinner “plato-platuhan”. I always wanted to decorate using fresh pine branches and pine cones. I’m glad I found some in the flower market.

I used my old Spode “Christmas Tree” collection mixed in with my new copper-colored placemats and pine cone-printed table napkins I got in Pottery Barn. I also went for a mismatched stemware using glass goblets I bought years ago in The Landmark and my new Camille Wine Glasses from Crate & Barrel. I usually use unscented candles for the dining table but for Christmas, I lit red, apple cinnamon-scented tea candles.

Christmas Eve dinner. Tom usually cooks turkey for Christmas but we were all “turkey-ed” out from last Thanksgiving. This year, we all decided to cook something different: Lasagna!

Holidays at The Epperson’s are always stress-free especially in the kitchen. Our menu is simple (usually one or two dishes only) but special. We don’t believe in slaving in the kitchen. Cooking is always a joy and the less time we spend cooking and baking, the more free time we have with each other.

Since it’s Christmas, I made my luxe version of lasagna using assorted cheeses (fresh mozzarella squares, freshly grated parmesan cheese, ricotta and some cottage cheese mixed with egg and parsley.) I also whipped up some bechamel cheese sauce on the side. It’s safe to say that our arteries worked overtime, haha!

Tom made garlic bread with French butter, parsley and fresh garlic paste.

Hug or headlock?

My biggest blessings

Santa and reindeer food. After dinner, the kids left milk and cookies for some expected guests. 😉 Then we continued with our movie marathon (as you can see in the jalousie reflection “Elf” was showing) and waited for Santa until we all fall asleep.

December 25

Wake up! It’s Christmas morning!!!

The long wait is over! Merry Christmas from the Epperson’s!

Rockin’ around the Christmas Peppermint tree

Santa came to Maison Epperson!!! Check out the face of my son Dylan! Priceless.

You’re never too old to believe.

They saw mommy kissing Santa Claus!

Our helper, “The Liza 2000” had a holly, jolly Christmas!

Tom just missed Santa but he bumped into him on his way out. 😉

The madness. Time to open the prezzies!!!

Christmas brunch “plato-platuhan”. I think I woke up way too early or I must have been excited about Christmas that I forgot the napkins, stemware and flatware when I took a shot of the tablescape! LOL

Christmas won’t be the same without bacon! LOL

And with these pictures from our Christmas home, I am wishing you all a happy holiday. May all your wishes come true…

Whether it’s an old house or new home, small space or big space, Christmas is all about being with the ones you love.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, how did you spend Christmas?

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