Facial Sunblock Round-Up

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Have you tried stepping out of the house or office at mid-day and feel your skin literally burn from the raging sun? I’m sure you’ve noticed how intense and extra hot it has been this summer. OMG! The ozone layer is depleting and our face and body needs shielding from harmful rays.

If you’re not up to speed on the difference between UVA and UVB, here are a couple of pointers: UVA has a longer wavelength, travels through glass and damages collagen, speeding up the ageing process. On the other hand, UVB is shorter, penetrates only through to the epidermis, and causes sunburn and possibly even skin cancer.

I’ve learned so much about sun protection over the years and I would never brave the UV rays again without applying sunblock on my face and body. Part of the reason why I used to skip wearing facial sunscreen is because I found them sticky and heavy on my face. I’ve been on the lookout for products that are light on the skin but packed with protection. I’m happy to report that I found them! Woohoo!!!

I bought these products and I’ve been trying them for weeks. Read my reviews:


Sunplay SPF130 PA+++ With New Advance Solarex-3 Technology

Pro: I’m featuring this Japanese sunblock again (read my “Sunblock And Sunscreen Round-up“) because it’s pretty amazing. My entire family uses it for swimming or lounging at the pool and beach and no one has suffered from sunburn since. I love this product for the simple reason that has the highest SPF in the market! It’s sweat and water proof, watery liquid easily absorbs and it can be used on both the face and body. Best part: clear finish

Con: I wish this came in a bigger bottle. Since the Epperson’s uses it regularly, a family-size would be better value for money and will save me less trip to the store. Also, after blogging about this and sharing it with my friends and moms, it’s always out of stock! Tirhan n’yo naman ako! Hashtag: ubusandotcom LOL


Sunplay Super Sunblock, P399

Nivea Sun Immediate Sun Protection Daily Face Fluid Collagen Protect SPF 30+ PA++

Pro: This product is ideal for daily use because of its light formulation and affordability (it’s the cheapest of the three). I like how small and compact the bottle is, I can easily stash it inside my bag and bring it with me. No need to apply moisturizer because of its dewy finish. I also bought a couple of bottles for my daughter Aryanna for her daily use.

Con: I wish this product had a sheer finish. If you have dark skin, it can leave a white cast on your face (quick fix: apply a thin layer and blend well). Also, be sure to apply it on a dry face because if you put it on a sweaty or slightly damp face, the white liquid will be prominent.


Nivea Sun Immediate Sun Protection Daily Face Fluid Collagen Protect SPF 30+ PA++, P234

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Moisture SPF 50+ PA+++

Pro: Incredibly light and sheer. It goes on and blends in easily. It’s also quick-drying and my face doesn’t feel oily or sticky at all. It has a slight matte finish on my skin and I can put makeup on top of it with ease. This is my favorite everyday facial sunscreen!

Con: It’s the most expensive of the three sunscreen products that I bought however, I feel it’s worth it. If you have dry skin, you may want to put a light moisturizer before applying the sunscreen.


Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Moisture SPF 50+ PA+++, P474

What all three have in common:


• All three feel light on the skin
• Travel size
• They have a small stainless steel ball bearing inside the bottle, which helps in keeping the lotion consistent because the majority of skin care products contain both oil and water soluble ingredients, and the problem with such emulsions is that they separate easily.
• Watery consistency
• They all have a narrow spout which helps avoid the liquid pouring out uncontrollably.
• They have a mild and pleasant scent.


Available at all leading drugstores and department stores like Watson’s nationwide.

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