Facial Contouring

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I’m blessed to have a small face and because of it, I look slimmer than I really am.

Though there are days when I’m bloated and my face looks puffy. When it happens, I usually just slap a cold face towel and pray that the swelling subsides. Sometimes it does, most of the time, I just deal with it.

Thanks to Facial Care Center’s newest noninvasive lunchtime procedure called UltraFace, it’s goodbye “maga fez” hello “contour”!

Your questions answered:

In a nutshell: UltraFace breaks down unwanted facial fats (chubby cheeks, jowls, and double chins) through ultrasound, as it tightens loose skin through radio frequency.

My experience: It was a 40-minute session that was noninvasive and not painful at all. I felt a bit of heat, but since the heat is administered in a constant circular motion, I didn’t feel any pain on my face.

The machine: A product of Israeli technology, UltraFace is exclusive to Facial Care Center. It’s a “one machine with two heads” — one “handpiece” works by using ultrasound wave to selectively target and break down fat cells.

(Photo taken using Instagram)

You know you love it: Facial Care Centre UltraFace is the ultimate jowls and double chin buster!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, book an appointment now at your nearest Facial Care Centre! Call 892-SKIN (7546) and book a FREE appointment now!

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