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Remember my Luxe Home: Sexy Whites post?

I’m in love white these days, so you can imagine my delight when I found this blanc beauty:

Samsung GALAXY Camera

Isn’t she sosy?

The folks at Samsung claims that “it’s the smartest camera ever”! Well, let me just say, the fact that this point and shoot is available in white, it’s a smart start!

SOSY & SMART. Smart PRO MODE. Shoot like a PRO — like the perfect trails of light at night on a busy intersection full of red taillights or instantly capture a high-speed scene with Action Freeze. A quick tap of Smart Pro Mode and you’re set with various special modes.

I lav et:

Sharing is caring, barangay levelz!

Share Shot Shoot and share in real time. Remember all those annoying group photos that take forever because everyone brought their own camera? Well, forget it because now you can share your photos at the same time you shoot them with Share Shot and the magic of Wi-Fi Direct. It lets you share your pictures with up to eight other Wi-Fi direct devices within range.

BIG & BOLD. No need to wait until you get back home to properly review and edit your photos. The Galaxy Camera’s 121.2mm (4.77″) HD Super Clear Touch Display. Ultra sharp 308 pixels per inch and the full spectrum of colors. And with the new White Magic Technology, you can even double the brightness without worrying about battery consumption. And why not view your HD movies at a golden 16:9 ratio? Perfeeeeeect.

Para sa atatey!

Seamless Connectivity (3G & WiFi) Stay Connected Everywhere. Straight from the camera, you can connect, upload, share, and even post to your favorite social media. So the next time you’re out vacationing and want to instantly share all your memories with the folks back home, the Galaxy Camera is the only thing that you need.

SEXY WHITES. Timeless, seamless, natural design

Up, up, and save!

Auto Cloud Back-up Back up your photos in the cloud automatically. Galaxy Camera’s convenient Auto Cloud Back-up feature automatically saves your precious family photos into the cloud the instant you take them. Tell it where to aim and just take the shot. Galaxy Camera and the cloud will take it from there.

PHOTO WIZARD. Edit professionally with ease the Galaxy Camera packs an amazing set of 65 powerful editing features on board, giving you the opportunity to edit professionally with ease and while on-the-go. The new features take advantage of the latest technology, the ultrafast quad core processor, and that beautiful 121.2mm (4.77″) HD Super Clear Touch Display, giving you access to features like Auto Face Calibration so you can edit in precise detail and with ease.

Camera… Action!

Movie Wizard Stop dreaming about making amazing movies. Create expert videos without the expertise, using a range of intuitive new features. Movie Wizard on the Galaxy Camera will create stunning movies out of your videos quickly and easily from the touch screen.

I hope this is already available in the Philippines. On that note, see you at the mall!

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