Easy-To-Use Airbrush Makeup System

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Makeup for me is all about achieving flawless-looking skin that is natural looking, radiant and light. And it all starts with a good quality foundation, concealer and proper application.

Using fingers or a brush when applying foundation can give one an even look but nothing beats an airbrush finish.

Remember in one of the episodes of Sex And The City when Carrie’s boss in Vogue Enid talked her into doing the bride at 40 piece:

Enid: In bridal couture. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity – so spare me a week of faux soul-searching and just say yes.
Carrie: Enid — I’m so very flattered but–
Enid: Carrie. Vogue designers, Vogue photographers, Vogue airbrushing. Nod your head: yes.
Carries smiles and nods.

No one, not even Carrie can resist airbrushing!

Think flawless, airbrushed makeup is only for celebrities? Think again!

I bought the TEMPTU® Signature Starter Kit ($200+) two years ago.

web-800x800-signature-starter-kit_1The kit included:

• AIRbrush Makeup System 2.0
• 1 AIRpod Foundation
• 1 AIRpod Blush
• 1 AIRpod Highlighter
TEMPTU® Signature Starter Kit’s new offer also includes:
• 3 Pod Stand (Bonus item!)
• Signature Clear Makeup Bag (Bonus item!)

When I first got this system, I was afraid to try it. I thought it might be too complicated for me. But I watched a lot of how-to videos on Youtube and checked Temptu’s website to get tips on how to apply it. Learning is empowering! It was much easier to get it ready than I thought.

First-timer: My first time using the Temptu was a disaster! LOL!! I set the dial halfway and I put the airbrush way too close to my skin (it’s a natural tendency to do this) and it caused streaking and a cake-y finish.

Success: I turned the dial to the lowest setting (this gives a finer spray ) and I found my “sweet spot” (the airbrush was 7-8 inches away from my face) and I did the small circular movement. Flawless skin achieved!

Best thing: Part of the reason I don’t like putting on makeup is the amount of time it takes to achieve an even tone. By the time I’m done with my face, sweat beads are trickling on my forehead. Ew. Using the Temptu Airbrush is a great time saver! Just attach the pod and spray on! Soooooo easy and fast! Moms and women-on-the-go will love this!

I also love the way it stays put even without primer. Some days I just want very light coverage but for events I want that flawless face and this allows me to do that without by just building the foundations and I don’t have to use additional products.

Why Temptu?

• Lightweight and Long Wearing
• Buildable and Non-Irritating
• Oil Free and Non-Comedogenic
• Clinically and Allergy Tested
• Paraben, Phthalate and Gluten Free

For more tips, watch the videos here.

Professional makeup artists can do magic using a professional airbrush but it’s quite hard to make appointments with them especially when there’s a big event as the good ones get booked fast. And if you need to wear makeup everyday to look polished it’s quite expensive to have your face done by a pro on daily basis.

Con: I don’t know of a store in the Philippines that sells the Temptu Airbrush System. You can buy it online, click here.

Pro: Precision application and professional results in just minutes with this easy-to-use beauty tool.

I super recommend this!

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