Dylan’s Block Party – Happy 5th Birthday, Dahling!

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It’s my son Dylan’s birthday today, January 26. He turns 5. Happy birthday, dahling! We celebrated his birthday though last Sunday. We wanted something simple, stress-free and personalized so we threw him a block party—we literally just invited all the kids in our street and some of his friends in the village park.

Our original plan was only to have cake and playtime. Dylan told us last week he didn’t want the kids singing the “Happy Birthday” song (according to him it’s too loud and they sound “bad,” haha) and no party games because according to him, it’s corny. Grabe naman. Anyway, Dylan only wanted cake and to play at home with friends. Easy. OK!

Aryanna found free invitation templates on the net and we printed them. So cool!

Sunday morning…

Dylan: “It’s my birthday party today!”
Me: “We’re picking up your cake today!”
Dylan: “Woohoo! I’m going to have cake, spaghetti, hotdogs and ice cream! What time is my party, mom? Where are the balloons?”
Me: *panicking* I thought you only wanted cake and playtime with friends?”
Dylan: “Yeah. I also want balloons! I want spaghetti! I want lots of ice cream too!”
Me: “You’re joking, right?”
Dylan: “Mom! You’re the joker!”

So, you can imagine how I panicked after that conversation. Haaaay! Shotgun party!!! I only had two hours to prepare for a full blown party before I pick-up the cake. Jesus, take the wheel.

Thank God, I have a good team and they helped me work on some birthday party magic: Tom and Aryanna. It was technically the very first party we organized for Dylan. In the past, it would just be the family celebrating in our previous condo. Oh. Em.

Tom took care of the “pabitin” and Aryanna organized the balloon bouquets. Winner!

My son wanted a Lightning McQueen themed cake so I also got some character gifts for the goodie bags.

“Pabitin” spells instant children’s party!

I love the balloon bouquets from National Book Store. They are super cute and affordable (P300+ for each arrangement) although, they have very limited choices for now.

As requested by my son: home-cooked sweet spaghetti, hotdogs with marshmallows, sandwiches and I ordered Aling Nene’s Pork BBQ (our favorite! They deliver too!) We normally don’t eat these, but since it’s his birthday, we caved in on the sugar fiesta!

We ordered the themed cake 3 days in advance. So cute. So “Dylan!”

The party was set at 3:30PM. I love how most of the kids were punctual—a good start.

Most of the girls came early. According to their nannies, they wanted to hangout with my son. Oh, boy.

Aryanna set-up a Lightning McQueen temporary tattoo station at the entrance. The kids got “inked” before the party. Great idea, sweetheart!

No need to make the kids, nannies, and parents wait. Kain na agad-agad!

How happy is the birthday boy?


Make a wish and blow the birthday candle… If you can reach it! LOL

You rock, dahling!

Time to divide and conquer the birthday cake!

I scream for ICE CREAM!!!

Everybody loves ice cream!

The most-awaited game: “Pabitin!” Some of us parents gave the smaller kids a little boost.

Soccer and basketball amongst the kids. Tom included.

Our resident fake tattoo artist

There was so much leftover cake. We gave some to the neighbors and kept a few slices for ourselves. Everybody happy.

Time to open the prezzies!

What a cute personalized birthday card! Thanks, Charlie!

Last two standing

A good sign

Happy birthday my dahling Dylan! You are the family’s game-changer. You bring so much joy and happiness into our lives. Wishing you a happy and healthy life!

Happy birthday again Dylan! We love you!

Big thanks to Tom for helping me out with the party and being such a cool host too. Aryanna gets the “best daughter and big sister” award for making sure her brother and all the kids had fun, for taking photos during the party and for helping me organize a “not corny” children’s party!

Now, time to eat more leftover birthday cake with my son.

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  1. Dylan has the best facial reactions on his pictures! I definitely feel the love you three put in the birthday preps with only 2 hours to prepare! Kaloka! And soooo unpretentious… yung kapitbahay lang talaga yung mga invited! This is how I celebrated my birthday when I was 5, too! You know how kids are. When they get so madungis because of playing and ice cream that means they had a swell time! This is an awesome post!!!

  2. Happy birthday, Dylan! I so love this post! I especially love how you made it work for Dylan. I feel the love from my computer screen!
    Also, only you can make “after-eating” plates look cool in a photo. <3<3<3

    1. Post
  3. Hi, Jenni! I always look forward to your “Happy birthday, Dylan” post because I love how you always throw an understated but fun party, which is inspiring and refreshing. Happy birthday to Dylan!

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