DIY: Balloon Bouquet, Box of Chocolates & Valentine Loot Bags

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If you’re frantically searching for gifts for your loved ones, look no further! I’m gonna save you the stress and money and give you ideas on how to make meaningful Do-It-Yourself crafts for Valentine’s Day!

Balloon Bouquet

Tom asked me to help him with his Valentine's gift for Aryanna. I think this balloon bouquet is a great gift for loved ones at any age. Shh... Don't mention anything to my daughter about this, it's suppose to be a surprise.;)

The prices of flowers shoot up on Valentine’s Day. Boo! If you didn’t put in an order in advance or you simply don’t have the budget for Colombian Roses, it’s not the end of romance. Thanks to store bought balloons, you can make your own adorable balloon bouquet for friends and lovers. Just be sure to avoid sharp objects, bawal pumutok ang lobo bago mag-Valentine’s day!

What you need:

Balloons of your choice
Balloon sticks
Curling ribbons
Satin ribbons
Non woven paper or Japanese paper
Thermal paper or cash register paper (for the base of the balloon bouquet)

Note: I bought all the supplies at National Book Store.

Easy peasy:

Step 1: Blow up the balloons and secure them with balloon sticks

Step 2: Make paper ruffles for the balloon by cutting the non woven paper evenly in squares. Once cut, gather the squares in the middle, do this by ruching the paper and tie it with curling ribbons. You can curl the ribbons before tying the paper ruffles.

F.I.Y. Ruching. (Also spelled rouching) n. A French word which means to plait. It is a very ancient sewing technique)

Step 3: Choose the size/height of thermal paper you want as base of your bouquet. Stick all the balloons inside the small hole.

Step 4: Wrap the base with two pieces of non woven papers. Secure it with a satin ribbon.

Et viola! A balloon bouquet fit for a Valentine princess!

I know Aryanna will love her dad’s gift. Now, all Tom needs to do is to write a meaningful card. I’m sure he can manage that! Haha!

Box of Chocolates

OK, I’m not sharing a chocolate recipe. I repeat: this is not a recipe. I did not make homemade chocolates nor will I ever attempt. Commercial chocolates do the job perfectly. What I’m proposing is to personalize your Valentine’s Day box of chocolates.

While it is easy to buy boxed chocolates, nothing is more special than personalized gifts!

What you need:

Your friend’s/lover’s favorite chocolates
Empty box (you can use a plain white box, heart-shaped ones or decorative boxes)
Japanese Paper
Colored paper or small card
Satin ribbon (I suggest to go monochromatic—choose the same colored ribbon as your box)

Easy peasy:

Step 1: Crumple the Japanese paper and place it on the bottom of the box then top it off with chocolates.

Flat Tops lang ang katapat! LOL

Tip: Gift should be personalized and fun! Choose cheeky chocolates.

Step 2: Cut out a heart-shaped paper and write a love note.

Tip: “Be mine” is the most kilig words you can tell a girl and “You’re hot!” is what guys love to hear.

Step 3: Cut the satin ribbon and place it on the box. I like the simplicity of a sash-like ribbon on the box. Parang Miss Universe lang ang peg!

Tah-dah!!! I tell you, the sweetest things come in personalized box of chocolates!

Valentine Loot Bags

Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers, it’s about remembering those we love and making people feel loved.

My family and I are grateful for those who make our lives easier, happier and those who care for us. They are our helpers, security guards and the maintenance staff in our building, and driver. Remembering them on Valentine’s Day with a sweet loot is our way of saying thank you and that we love them!

You can make Valentine Loot Bags too for friends, office workers, classmates, street children, para kay teh, koyang, at kapit-bahay, etc.

What you need:

Japanese paper (I used leftover paper from my other DIY project)
Satin ribbon

Easy peasy:

Step 1: Fold the Japanese paper in half. Put chocolates on top of the paper.

Step 2: Take the ends of the paper and fold them upwards.

Step 3: Secure the pouch with a satin ribbon.

So simple, so sweet!

P.S. Refrain from critiquing my elementary art skills. It may be childish to you but, I assure you, it works every time. Hmp!

Make DIY Valentine gifts for those important people in your life. In the end, the simplest gestures are often the sweetest! Agree?

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Shoppingero/shoppingera, are you doing something special on Valentine’s Day? Please share.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the idea. Very simple lang cya. Ill try bukas. I wanted to surprise my hubby in his work by bring a box of chocolates from awfully chocolates will have another box full of mumurahing candies instead of chocolates pra pde nya lagay sa desk nya.prang mint jar.

  2. hi ms jenni. these are great crafts. i am a bit kuripot and make my balloon bouquets. instead of thermal paper roll, i recycle garapon (from peanut butter)and put floral foam. then i just stick in the balloons.

  3. i sooo love it. cant wait for valentines day to try it. sana meron nga lahat ng gamit sa NBS dito sa amin..thank you for the ideas. mas makakatipid ako kesa magpagawa pa 🙂

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