Dialogue With Dylan: Of Muscles And Monkey Bars

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I miss blogging about the dialogues that happen between me and my family. I used to do it a lot for our previous family blog: Ichigo and Buko (now, it’s all in my ‘Family’ category on this blog).

The conversations we have at home, especially with our 5-year old son Dylan are very random….


At the park

Dylan: Do you know what happened in the park, mom?
Me: No, tell me.
Dylan: I was working out on the monkey bars…
Me: Working out?
Dylan: Yeah! I was pulling my body up the bars.
Me: I thought you played, not worked out on the monkey bars.
Dylan: Mom! I work out, you know!
Me: *chuckles* Oh-kay…
Dylan: So, I was working out and there’s this girl…
Me: *interrupts* What girl?!
Tom: *rolls eyeballs at me*
Dylan: Mom! You know? A girl! Anyway, I was working out and this girl was helping me up the bars, holding my arms…
Me: *jaw drops* Why is she touching you?
Dylan: Because she wants to feel my muscles. *Flexes muscles*
Me: How old is this girl?!
Dylan: She’s 8 years old. Mom, listen! And then, we had a party in the park with all my friends and we showed all the girls our muscles.
Me: Why were you showing your muscles?
Dylan: Because the ladies like it!
Tom and Me: *dying of nervous laughter*
Dylan: Oh yeah! *dances*
Me: (After I was able to contain myself) Dahling, girls don’t really want muscles. They want love.
Dylan: Yeah! Love muscles!





Tom and I will have to educate our Dylan about the “ladies,” but our 5-year old son has the cutest stories to tell us. LOL


Parents, do you have some jaw-dropping conversations with your kids? Please share in the comments box.

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  1. I was done reading your MLBB post and I can’t help but read your other blog posts. I came across this one. Your son, Dylan is the best! LOL!

    I also can’t help but share this conversation my sister-in-law and my niece (age 4), Bettina, had during study time and they should speak English for the little girl’s practice.

    Bettina: Mommy, can I have tube?
    Mom: tube? what for?
    Bettina: tube-g mommy. Can I have tube-g?

    She was pertaining to water! Naloka po ako, I was in tears when I heard it. :)))))

    Anyway, I have a lot but I guess this tops for now. 😀

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