Courtyard Inspirations

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Our courtyard is almost done. We’ve laid down all the pavers and the built-in benches and table have been painted. We’re still deciding if we’re using a marble or glass top for the table. What do you think?

The next step is landscaping the front yard and buying plants for the courtyard. I can’t wait for the decorating part!

Here are some of my inspirations:

Color scheme. I love the blue, white and green theme!


Indoor/outdoor style. I’m all for creating an outdoor space with an indoor feel. Using traditionally “indoor” accents make a warm and inviting area.


Choosing the plants. I’ve always been drawn to English gardens. I’m obsessed with topiaries and hedges! They refine the look of a garden.


Textures. Concrete and greens for a modern feel


Accessories. There is something cozy about built-in benches (and planters too) adorned with tons of fluffy throw pillows. I’m doing this!


Sound. I love this Mediterranean landscape design idea with brick pavers and a fountain in courtyard. The sound of the rustling greens and running water make a tranquil space.


The goal is to create an indoor-outdoor retreat, perfect for entertaining or relaxing.

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