Come Closer: Biking

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This is the year that I’m serious about fitness and well-being. Pramis! Part of my journey to wellness is being more active. Last Christmas, my husband couldn’t have given me a better present than a pink retro-style bicycle with basket! So perf! Todo biking na ito!

My daughter Aryanna couldn’t help but buy her own bike too because she couldn’t wait to join me for a ride. Hashtag: naiinggit, haha! Of course, she also got a really cute vintage-looking bicycle in peppermint red with a bell and basket to boot!

We’ve been biking since we got them and the cool weather makes our ride delightful.

I enjoy quality time with Aryanna as she is already at that age where we can talk about anything and everything; from bags to boys! LOL! We’re super close and each others biggest supporter and motivator.

Bonding with Aryanna is a pleasure as we both learn from one another. We share tips with each other about life, fashion and beauty—I always tell her about the importance of moisturizing even at at early age and how NIVEA can help dry skin, especially the heel area and elbows, become supple and smooth. She also taught me that NIVEA Creme can double as a styling cream to tame unruly hair. Love it!

We come closer by riding our bikes and talking. Not only do we burn calories, but we also get to nurture our relationship as mother and daughter.

A mother-daughter relationship is like cycling: it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you’re moving as long as you move forward together. Life is truly a wonderful ride!

Now I’ve shared my #ComeCloser story with Aryanna, it’s time for you to share yours!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, who will you #ComeCloser with this year?

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