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One of my all-time favorite DVD Classics is the movie, ‘The Women’. It’s a very witty comedy about the lives and romances of various women, all set in our favorite hangout in the whole wide world… The salon! It’s an absolute must watch, dahlings.

Here you will see that gossip and “frenamies” is nothing new. It’s been as uso in the 1930’s as it is now!

Love the story.
Love the outfits.
Love the cast.
Love the dialogues.

Famous quotes from the movie ‘The Women’:

Crystal Allen: You noble wives and mothers bore the brains out of me. And I bet you bore your husbands, too.
Mary Haines: You are a hard one.
Crystal Allen: I can be soft on the right occasion.

O diba? Fierce! And that’s how we should all be ladies! Because I absolutely looove this movie I came up with my Top 4 Beauty Product Picks inspired by this glamorous 1930 b&w flick. Here they are!

Remember: Nobody wants a boring wife. Correction. Nobody wants a bore. PERIOD.

Beauty salons have always been the source of town’s best chizmax. AND! It was true before, it’s still VERY true now! Aminin! Haha!

In the movie, “Sydney’s Salon” was the place to relax, get pampered, and find out the latest chizmax in the city! Haha!


Keep him holding your hand! Nivea Q10 Hand Cream

Nivea Hand Lotion Age Defying Q10 Plus


Stay polished and looking young. “Work It Off” Exfoliant from Pure Minerals

Pürminerals “Work It Off” Exfoliating Serum


A jolt of color! M·A·C Cosmetics “Ruby Woo” lipstick

MAC lipstick in “Ruby Woo”


Mary Haines: “I’ve had two years to grow claws mother. Jungle Red!”

Ladies, never be a bore! Dare to go super sexy! Jungle Red nail polish by Nars

Inspired by the movie “The Women”, NARS created a nail polish color in “Jungle Red”

Sylvia Fowler: Mary Haines, don’t you have any pride?
Mary Haines: No pride at all. That’s a luxury a woman in love can’t afford.


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  1. i so love that movie, but what I saw was the new version with Meg Ryan, Eva Mendes, Annette Bening and Debra Messing.

    and Jungle Red is my fave!

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