Chinese New Year Celebration

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I love celebrations, so while I’m not Chinese (and currently on a strict healthy diet), I still cook food for the family and adopt a few Lunar New Year traditions because I can, haha!

Nothing fancy nor serious, just having fun and celebrating good fortune.

The table setting a.k.a. “plato-platuhan”

Pagoda transferware

Floral embossed flatware

Tikoy (the brown color/flavor is our fave)

Cheekoy (cheese & tikoy) Spring Rolls recipe– Most people eat them fried with egg. My family likes brown tikoy and quick-melt cheese wrapped in lumpia wrappers. Just deep fried them until golden brown, and they’re all ready to be eaten. They’re the perfect mix of crunchy, salty and sweetness. This is actually Aryanna‘s concoction. It’s TDF!!!

Be sure to write your name on a piece of paper before eating this, not for luck but because makakalimutan n’yo ang pangalan n’yo sa sarap! LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂

Round food: siopao tower

Pancit bihon and canton for long life

Lucky red food: pork asado

Fortune cookie and hot green tea for dessert

Did you know? The fortune cookie is not a Chinese invention. Fortune cookies actually originated in California! –Source

Whether it’s Chinese or American, I love fortune cookies! I keep a box of Gold Coin Fortune Cookies in “Vanilla” (it’s the best!) in stock throughout the year. It’s a fun little dessert I serve when we have guests.

I took the liberty of cracking open a cookie for all of you! Here’s your fortune:

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

We have every opportunity to create our own luck. Being ready to seize opportunities when they present themselves is up to us — it’s not a paranormal occurrence. Anyone can take control of where she/he is headed in life, no matter his or her age or situation.

May the Year of the Wooden Sheep brings us all peace, good health and wealth!

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