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If you think finding a camera is overwhelming, especially when you’re married to a photographer who is very technical when it comes to cameras and photography equipment, try looking for a chic camera case for it.

I became the “Goldilocks” of camera cases โ€” too colorful, too utilitarian-looking, too kyoot, too big, too small, too muuuch! Haha!

Anyway, after weeks of searching during my last trips to Shanghai and Hong Kong, I finally found them at… wait for it… Halo stall, SM Department Store, Makati and Stache, Rustan’s. NKKLK!

From top: Halo; Stache

I first bought the Halo camera cases at their stall in SM, Makati. I immediately fell in love with the design of the silicone case so I bought two: red and black.

They are small and perfect for evening clutches.

Halo camera cases in black and red, P195. Available at the Halo stall, 2F SM Makati.

My canon S100 barely fits in them. If it was half an inch bigger, it would be perfect, but it’s fine. If you have a smaller camera, it should fit just right.

I can zip it close but it's a very tight fit. As in"very, very"! LOL

The following day, while sourcing for work in Rustan’s Makati, I found a similar camera case but bigger in size.

Stache camera case, P595. Available at the 2F Rustan's Makati.

My Canon S100 fits just right with a bit of room to spare. So if you’re camera is a tad bigger, this case is for you.

“Goldilocks” is finally happy. The end.

Shoppingero/shoppingera, run, don’t walk! Grab them before my friends do! Haha!

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