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I wish I was as disciplined as some people I know when it comes to eating healthy. I need balance in my life, and by balance, I mean, I want my share of grease and carbs in my diet at least once or twice a week.

We had a little get together with the relatives at home yesterday. I usually cook homemade food for family but I still find it too hot to cook. Instead, I opted to order take out.

I wanted to try something new so I ordered from Don Henrico’s. It was my first time to try their food so asked my Twitter friends for all the suggestions on what to order!

Here’s my “balanced” meal. Haha!

Oriental Chicken Salad

We loved the texture of this salad!

We ordered two types of soups: (L) French Onion Soup and Clam Chowder. Both tasted good!

Since it was our first time to order from Don Henrico’s, I thought we’d try a combination of flavors: Don Henrico’s Supreme and Rustic Italian Pizza.

If you like pan pizzas, their pizza has a good ration of dough to toppings.

Four Cheese Pizza

As you can see, this pizza is loaded with cheesy goodness.

(L) Seafood Pasta in X.O. sauce and Tutto De Mare Pasta

The Seafood Pasta in X.O. sauce was my favorite! I almost finished the whole serving! Caaaarbs!

The garlic bread came with the pasta.

Fish & Chips

This came with a dip. The kids liked this.

(L) Cheesy Baked Lasagna and (R) Chicken Chipolata Calzone

Aryanna liked the lasagna. It’s got that classic herb pomodoro sauce and lots of cheese! The calzone was impressive in terms of the size and presentation. I personally liked the chicken chipolata flavor.

Check out the gargantuan calzone! Good for sharing… with the whole baranggay!

Why didn’t anyone tell me that Don Henrico’s Captain Crunch Fried Chicken was the bomb? The skin was extra crispy and even without gravy, the chicken was very tasty. I give these two legs up! I wish I ordered the 7 pieces instead of 3.

I believe that the Buffalo Chicken Wings are Don Henrico’s pièce de résistance. Or at least that’s what my Twitter followers told me.

Everyone loved this! The kids liked the sweet taste of the sauce. Be prepared to get your hands and face dirty when you eat them!


Happy fiesta!

Tip: If you’re from Makati, order from their Mall of Asia branch as they don’t have a Makati branch yet.

Don Henrico’s also accepts party reservations. Visit their website for more information.


Shoppingero/shoppingera, order at Don Henrico’s now!

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  1. I haven’t been to Don Henrico’s in 10 years, i think, and there’s a branch (or two) very near where I live. Thanks for the reminder

  2. hi did you order all these? or did don henricos send this for free so you can write about it? just curious.

    1. Post
  3. Don Henrico had branch before in Makati in glorietta, it closed down already. I wonder why. I used to go there with my friends.

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