Calendar Girls, Part 1

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Sing it! “I love, I love, I love my calendar girl… Each and every day of the year…”

First of all, Happy 30th Anniversary Facial Care Centre!

To commemorate 30 years as a leader in non-invasive, premium skin care, Facial Care Centre has come up with a beauty calendar that will depict various interpretations of beauty, because nowadays, it comes in various forms. Gone are the days when only a particular kind of beauty is admired. Today, people have different opinions, they revel in uniqueness, freedom of expression and choice. Some go for the classic mestiza look, others for natural Filipina features as their beauty ideals. For some, beauty is in the way women move, carry themselves, or how real and simple they look, any time of day. “We wanted to capture all those in this calendar and what better way to do it than to ask all the endorsers of FCC to pose for it,” explains Irene Dujunco-Stacy, Facial Care Centre’s Group Marketing Manager.

Facial Care Centre (FCC) is one of the beauty treatment facilities in the country and one of the biggest supporters of my blog. So when they invited me to pose for their 2013 calendar… I thought twice. Haha! What I mean is, at first I said no (I’m familiar with FCC’s gorgeous celebrity endorsers so there was a lot of pressure to level up! Haha!), but because of Irene Dujunco-Stacy and NJ Torres’ sweet persuasions, I said: Sige na nga, girrrl! Yes! LOL

Presenting, Miss July…

O, ha! Haha!

Thank you Raymund Isaac for my smouldering photo! OMG! First time ko mag-sexy sexyhan! Haha! Big thanks too to makeup artist Steven Deloso for my face! Love this photo!

And now, some of the most beautiful and hottest calendar girls…


“I feel most beautiful when I see my husband beaming with pride whenever he looks at me. I know he likes what he sees and he’s proud of me. Facial Care is all I need to keep me looking this good, all the time.” – Dawn Zulueta-Lagdameo


Classic beauty and brains, Ms. Cherie Gil



Back to back beauties, Stephanie Zubiri and Gisele Tongi


“I love ReFirme, it’s my instant facelift. The answer to my skin problems! Every time I have it done, my laugh lines and slight sags become less and less, and my eyes perk up. There really is no need for Botox or cosmetic surgery. It’s ReFirme for me.” – Agot Isidro


“My husband tells me I’m beautiful every day. He just loves my soft, smooth skin. Facial Care is my only skin secret.” – Amina Aranaz-Alunan


“I’m not afraid to age. I love the fact that FCC offers everything non-invasive so it helps women age gracefully without having to resort to extreme measures like surgery. FCC is my anti-aging essential, for sure.” – Bianca Araneta-Elizalde


Model mom Amanda Griffin-Jacobs. Isn’t she the loveliest?


Seriously beautiful and funny duo Karen Pamintuan and Delamar Arias


“Ever since I started going to Facial Care, people have been coming up to me just to ask me why I have that extra glow, and I don’t even wear makeup! My skin looks beautiful just the way it is. Thanks, Facial Care!” – Shalani Soledad-Romulo


“Younger women would tell me they admire how I stay youthful and beautiful. I say my firm, toned skin is all because of the ReFirme treatment. A healthy lifestyle, a happy life, and a visit to Facial Care… these make me the beautiful woman I am now.” – Amparito Lhuillier

Throughout 30 years, FCC has developed wonderful friendships with talented, creative people in the business. “FCC has to thank famous celebrity photographer Raymund Isaac and his team for another wonderful collaboration. We also have to thank premier make-up artists Steven Doloso, Lala Flores, Christine Duque, and Gela Laurel and the various talented hair stylists for helping us bring the concepts to life!”

Shoppingera, tune in for ‘Calendar Girls Part 2’!

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