Birthday Boy

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Dylan wore McQueen on his birthday! LOL

Our Little Finnster just turned three a few weeks ago. Happy birthday, Dylan Finn!

Our little firecracker doing his Power Ranger stance

We had a simple birthday celebration at home. Just the Epperson’s and our helpers. Maybe when Dylan turns 7, we’ll have a big bash. We’ll see.

Most of my kids’ birthday parties were celebrated at home. Sometimes, we invite their close friends and have an intimate party. No stress, lots of fun!

Easy peasy kid’s birthday party:

Store bought party favors. My son likes race cars, trains, and motorcycles. He watches ‘Cars’ DVDs everyday… Three times a day. It’s cray.

His favorite character is Lightning McQueen so I got him some paper goggles and party hats.

My son got creative with his party hat

#sotd (sunglasses of the day)

Dylan’s “wawa” (puppy dog) face will be the end of me! Aww…

Me: “Don’t touch the hats yet, dahling. Mom has to take a photo, OK?
Dylan: “I want McQueen!”
Me: “OK, you can play with the hats after I take a picture of it, OK? Now, move aside so mom can take a photo.”
Dylan: “I want McQueen!”
Me: “OK! Just move aside so mom can shoot McQueen.”
Dylan: *deadma*
Me: “DYLAN! Move. Aside.”
Dylan: *dagger look at the Lightning McQueen party hats*
Me: “Dylan, look at mom. Just move to the side so I that I can take a picture.”
Dylan: *puppy face*
Me: *melts heart* *takes a photo*

Kamusta naman ang Queso de Bola gift wrapping? Haha


My BFF Tess dropped by to give Dylan his gift. She stayed and celebrated with us!

Not Queso de Bola

Thank you, Tita Tess!

I love happy faces!

Look who joined in the fun? Blitz is very old but she’s still hanging in there.

My son decided to have a group photo on the floor!

Just once, I would like a decent photo of our family. Haha

The Epperson’s

We got Dylan a a trick birthday candles. It’s the kind that when you blow it out, it simply re-lights itself in a few seconds. Kids love it and gives the grown-ups ample time to take photos.

The token birthday shot

We all made a wish for our dahling Dylan

Everyone: *sings* “Happy birthday, Dylaaaaan… Happy birthday, Dylaaaaan…”
Dylan: *covers ears* “It’s OK! It’s OK! That’s enough!”

Dylan: “I love chocolate! Mwhahahahaha!”

Try it, dad!

The men in my life love sweets!

Party food:

Our Signature Sweet Spaghetti with Carrots

The grown-up’s birthday cake

Our birthday parties are not complete without our favorite Aling Nene’s pork BBQ!

Tess loved this burger. Naubos n’ya in less than 5 minutes!

Homemade Chicken Teriyaki Burger

Chocolate Dedication Birthday Cake

Thanks again, Tita Tess for dropping by! We love you!

After blowing out the candles, it’s back to playing for my little man.

The grown-ups entertain themselves with youtube videos. Aryanna gave Tess the lowdown on the coolest videos.

Goody bag slash doggie bag for Tess. Haha

Happy birthday my dahling Dylan! You bring so much joy into our lives! Please don’t grow-up too fast! We love you!!!


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  1. Just once, I would like a decent photo of our family. Haha > This is so not happening with a 3 year old in the picture. My son is already 5 pero wala pa din kaming decent picture! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Birthday Dylan!

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  2. The cakes! goldi and red ribbon hehehhe ๐Ÿ˜€ happy bday Dylan! Ang bilis ms jEN, 3 yrs na pla agad un… dati baby lang sya! para ko cyber nephew. hehehe ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hello!

    Can you please tell me where you got the banner and party hats from? Those are the best looking Cars once I’ve seen!! My little guy’s 3rd birthday is Cars too and I’d love to know. Thanks so much!

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