Best Christmas Gifts I Received

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My family claims that I’ve become one of those people who falls in the category of “person who has everything”—grabe namaaaaan! LOL! I guess because whenever they ask me what I want as gift, I always tell them that I already have everything I need. I mean, I looooove all kinds of presents and I’m always grateful for everything (and everyone) in my life but I’m pretty content with what I already have.

For as much as my family stresses about what to gift me, they always manage to give me the best. Last Christmas, they surprised me with a 3 day, 2 night stay in a hotel and a me-time care package! Tom gifted me the hotel stay while Aryanna took care of my staycation loot. I have to say, she nailed my me-time rituals and was on the ball with all the treats to make my staycation extra special.


Sometimes I forget how much my family pays attention to my wants and needs. It’s overwhelming.

Lighting a scented candle – the moment I unpack, I light a scented candle. This immediately puts me in me-time mode.

Warning: Be very careful about lighting candles inside your suite. It’s easy to fall asleep and leave it burning so always set an alarm on your phone when to kill the flame.


Typo Shine On Candle, Vanilla Pear scented. I adore the pineapple printed ceramic container and the sweet smell!

Bubble bath – After unpacking, I shower and then soak in the tub for relaxation. It only takes 10-15 minutes of warm bath to de-stress.


Lush Stardust Bath Bomb – a twinkly dip in its starlit waters gives a bergamot-powered boost to the mind and body. I get giddy every time I throw a bath bomb in the tub, it’s like watching a piece of  Berocca dissolve in water, haha!

Putting on a face mask – Hotel suites can get cold and leave your skin dry. A refreshing mask for a radiant, moisturized and fresh skin is a must. I put mine on during or after a bubble bath.


Beauty Formulas Collagen Essence Facial Mask from Personal Exchange. I chill the mask for a few minutes in the buddy ref before using. Warm bath and cool mask equals heaven!

Indulge in fashion magazines (and Pik • Nik Ketchup Fries) – We all could use some inspiration and fantasy.


Because Vogue

Read a book – No tv watching and just reading books is precious.


I read ‘Stuffocation’ by James Wallman. So insightful!

Eat chocolates – It’s like Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates.” – you never know what you’re going to get so be in the moment and savor the sweetness!!!


Royce Nama Chocolate Champagne (Pierre Mignon) is one of my faves! I also love Cadbury Fruit & Nuts but I ate it before I could take a photo.

Journaling – I enjoy being alone with my thoughts and jotting down my dreams and ideas. Writing in my diary is perfect for stress reduction.


Love the print of this Marimekko diary!

Keep hydrated – Water is life but water puddles on tables are annoying. I always bring a coaster when on staycation. I know, I’m weird.


Monogrammed cork coaster from Bleach

Watching Classic movies and tv series – I don’t particularly like turning on the tv when I’m on vacation but, I do enjoy watching movies and foreign tv series before going to bed.


USB filled with some of my favorite films and tv series. Great idea, Aryanna!

Order room service – It’s the best thing ever.


All to myself! Hashtag: Maricel Laksa, haha! Saraaaap!

I appreciate all material things (hello, I’m a shoppingera!!) but experiential gifts like me-time are the most heart-warming. Thank you to my family! You couldn’t have given me a better gift.

Time alone is about nurturing our spirit and celebrating ourselves. For a busy mom/wife/entrepreneur like me, me-time is truly the ultimate luxury. I’m ready for 2016!

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