Book I Love: China Rich Girlfriend

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Kevin Kwan’s first book, Crazy Rich Asians, was a fun, campy look at the outrageous lives and foibles of people in Singapore who are richer than you probably can even imagine. There was drama, intrigue, gossip, scheming, and a whole lot of shopping and eating. Kwan has brought most of his characters back in China Rich Girlfriend, giving you even more glimpses into the world of the ridiculously rich and infamous.

I really enjoyed Kwan’s latest book! It was tawdry and made no bones about it. It bordered on delicious trash but fully aware and wallowing in the fact. It was a fast paced soap opera with plenty of wish fulfillment luxury.

For someone who is faced with life’s realities and challenges, reading about characters who live the cray-cray, extravagant and jaw-dropping shopping lives is a great form of escape.


I bought this book in Powerbooks. You can also download it from your favorite book store apps on your device.

The bottom line? Absolutely no nutritional content here whatsoever, but it’s the most fun summer read! This book made me literally laugh out loud – to the point where I was annoying my family. Sorry, tao lang poh. LOL

I recommend both books to any reader who enjoys a funny, lively and crazy book!

Tip: As soon as you’re done reading this post, I suggest that you run to the nearest book stores and buy this novel. I predict na magkakaubusan.

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