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No, it’s not a headset.

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It’s Slendertone Face.

About Slendertone Face

Slendertone Face works by gently stimulating the facial muscles beneath the surface of the skin. It exercises the muscles to firm and tone them, adding volume to combat the natural sag of the ageing process. This is achieved using electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) technology, which mimics the body’s natural muscle movements – sending signals to the nerves which control muscle activity. This acts to strengthen and increase the muscle mass, restoring the youthful shape and appearance of the face. Slendertone Face rebuilds the foundations of the face, lifting and adding volume to the muscles of facial expression.

Question: Can an electronic beauty gadget really give the effect of a facelift?

Beauty gadgets/machines are nothing new. In fact, women in the past tortured themselves using beauty contraptions to achieve a flawless and firm skin.

Remember the scene of Norman Desmund in “Sunset Boulevard”?

Sunset Boulevard

Norma Desmund went through a merciless series of treatments. She was absolutely determined to be ready for her comeback.

Norma Desmund’s (played by Gloria Swanson) “todo lang” beauty treatments! Haha!

Unlike Norma Desmund’s beauty treatments, Slendertone Face is painless!

The gadget clamps to your cheeks – it should be positioned to within a fingers width of your ears – and that placement allows it to target the major muscles in the face, working cheeks, mouth and jowls and up to the eyes. You attach the gizmo to the controller, and which allows you to select one of three toning programs which can be used for up to 20 minutes. You can also choose the intensity of the pulses.

After using the Slendertone Face three months, my sagging face (due to weight-gain) has improved. It was a bit weird to use it at first but I got used to it. I wouldn’t suggest it for those who suffer from vertigo dahil may slight hilo factor sha!

Ginaya ko ‘tong pose ng model sa sofa namin wearing the Slendertone Face. Na-achieve ko naman! LOL

“Many women don’t want to have invasive treatments. An alternative is Slendertone Face.  It works by gently stimulating the surface of your face providing a visible and natural face-lift without the need for surgery. We want women to understand that to complete their beauty regime they need to not only tone the skin but tone the muscles too and unlock their beauty from within.” says Dr. Trish Smith, COO of Slendertone.

The Slendertone Face replaceable pads

If you’re the type who doesn’t mind making beauty treatments a habit and would like to try a non-invasive beauty product, Slendertone Face is for you.

Slendertone Face

For more information, visit and Slendertone Philippines fan page. For orders and inquiries please email

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