Beauty for all Seasons: Unilever PC Summit, Part 2

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Products to keep you fresh tag-init o tag-araw!

Dove products define women so well… definitely can relate to us! They pamper you from head to toe:

Dove Shampoo and Conditioner Intense Repair for my hair especially after sunbathing, island hopping or snorkeling. Dove Go Fresh Body Wash in the perfect combination of Grapefruit and Lemongrass Scent that makes me feel like a queen after a shower. Keri na sans lotion because of the Nutrium Moisture!

And of course, the hair authority, Cream Silk! Impressed by the Hair Reborn Technology that Unilever has formulated to make the products beyond state of the art… the wide range of products from conditioners, daily treatment conditioners and weekly vitamin treatments restore the most damaged of hair to their better-than-virgin (my, my, my!) condition. Feel na feel ang improvement right after the pampering!

Such a feel-soooo-good product… Pond’s! Remember the Age Miracle and Gold Radiance lines that took the beauty world by storm? #LiveBeautiful is very encouraging coming from a brand that’s more than 200 years old! A winner in a lot of women’s books bags or kikay kits, Pond’s continues the legacy of providing excellent skin care that builds you up, Buttercup! At may BB cream na din sila!

Another therapeutic breakthrough product is Vaseline. Who will ever forget the “magic cream” that has provided relief from dry skin?! And now it comes with an SPF 24 and it does EVERYTHING you ever dreamed of in a lotion – whitening, moisturizing, protecting the skin! Gotta have it!

I had to smile and catch myself from falling off my seat when I remembered the jingle, “Rexona, won’t let you down!” True to its word, it won’t! It now comes in Passion and Whitening… you can keep those arms raised and proud! Two key words: dry and white!


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