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It’s already the month of June. That means busy-busyhan na naman ang mga parental units! LOL

Having two kids and a husband (who sometimes acts like a kid, hehe), it’s important to get organized now that school days are back.

I’m sure mothers have their usual shopping list to prepare their children for school: school supplies, uniforms, baon, and a partridge in a pear tree. You get the picture. I don’t have to remind you about the basics except for when you have a teenager, it’s important to also help them shop for skin care.

Growing up, my mom told me that if I invested in my skin during my teens, I would have good skin when I get older. She taught me simple skin regimen: cleanse, tone & moisturize. She was right. Now that I’m an adult, I have good skin. Of course, my skin regimen is a little different from my teen years (I also go regularly to Facial Care Centre for facials and non-invasive skin treatments) but I’ve always prioritized on proper skin care.

I’m passing on that beauty wisdom to my teenage daughter. I remind her to keep her face clean and eat healthy so that she can avoid any skin problems.

Although, the reality of being a teenager (a.k.a hormone change) is inevitable—pimples can sprout without any warning. As my daughter would say, “Whhhhhyyyy?!!”

I’m super happy that there’s a new Face & Body Bar that gently cleanses acne prone skin. Mommies, time to add to cart:

Safeguard Derma Sense Face & Body Bar

As part of its commitment in promoting health and hygiene education among Filipino families, Safeguard introduces Derma Sense, its first-ever premium line of acne solution products.

Safeguard Derma Sense advocates the adoption of a regular cleansing regimen with a well-tolerated antimicrobial soap that helps reduce levels of skin bacteria and play a part in early acne management. More importantly, it commits to helping empower parents and teens face-up to acne through resources that aim to pioneer the understanding on the causes, consequences and potential treatment of acne.

As parents, let’s arm our children with information and proper skin care know-how to minimize skin problems such as pimples and acne.

See you at the grocery!

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