Amazing Readers: More Teacup Cake Fans

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Aryanna’s 70-Second Microwave Teacup Cake recipe keeps on raking in fans:

From @danielisbored IG account:

“Chocolate overload! Good morning!”

Thank you Daniel for this sosy vignette! Love the blue & white plato-platuhan!

From @dada.reyes IG account:

“70-second microwave teacup cake with nutella and chocolate chip cookies + add your favorite vanilla ice cream = instant dessert on a tiring Monday night.”

Like what I mentioned before, the best thing about sharing my recipes to my Amazing Readers is that they make it their own! Looooove ice cream with this Teacup Cake! Thanks, Dada!

Watch out for another easy peasy Teacup Cake recipe!

Keep your photos coming and tag om on my social media accounts: @jenniepperson.

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