What To Add To Your Table: Wine/Bottle Coaster

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What’s a proper dinner party without wine? Make sure you give your favorite beverage its own seat at the table. Though you can get along perfectly fine without one, a wine coaster is a nice home accessory addition for any entertainer or wine lover, as it protects your tables and tablecloths from condensation and makes your tablescape all the more festive.


This wine coaster was a wedding gift to Tom and me. We’ve been using it for 20 years! It’s a staple in our dining table and we use it everyday not just for wine but for water bottles too.




No more annoying water puddles on the table!

Other wine coasters are made from marble (I’m on the hunt for one), crystal, glass, stainless steel, acrylic, plastic, stone and ceramic. It’s slightly different from a bottle cooler (it’s a deeper vessel compared to a wine coaster) but works just fine.

Elevate your dining experience and have a civilized meal using a wine/bottle coaster. I know what you’re thinking: Clazz naman, haha!


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