I Finally Joined Snapchat

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I created my Snapchat account a long time ago with the recommendation of my millennial daughter Aryanna. To be honest, I didn’t get it the first time. Being an entrepreneur, I didn’t know how it could actually help my brand since no one can see how many followers I have nor how many people have viewed my Snapchat stories. Also, I’m already active on the net and Instagram that I felt I didn’t need another social media platform.


For months, I became a lurker viewing different Snapchat accounts and of course Aryanna’s Snapchat stories (follow her: aryannasnaps) and up until yesterday, I realized that the whole thing about Snapchat is that it’s fun to share everyday life (without any agenda). It’s entertaining!

Sometimes, experienced individuals (a.k.a. me) can get caught up in the business side of everything and forget about just being in the moment and having fun. Snapchat is popular among the kids because they can be silly, share happy moments with friends and just be. The more raw the videos and photos, the better!

Snapchat is a reminder that sharing experiences is important not just for our brand or business but also to be spontaneous and totally not self-aware and by doing so will help inspire others (a.k.a. uptight moms, LOL) to let loose, be silly and share fun stories.

That being said, here are some of the things you can expect from my Snapchat stories:

Jenni’s Amazing Finds – I am not a shoppingera for nothing, haha! I will be snapping away some of my favorite and cool finds!
Day in a life – What it’s really like being a blogger, stylist, entrepreneur, wife and mom.
The Eppersons – I will be sharing my family’s antics! Oh, gaaad.
Maison Epperson – A sneak peek into our elusive home (inside joke among my friends) and my plato-platuhan. LOL
BTS – Candid moments from events, shoots and more!
Random – Everything fun and fab!

I just started today and I will be Snapchatting more in the next few days.

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