A Very Happy Birthday, Part One

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Some people dread birthdays. I don’t get it. I love my birthdays! It’s one of those times when you’re treated like star! Haha! Who does not love that?

Every year, I get to celebrate my b-day salubong with all my friends in one of Tim Yap’s clubs and we’d always have a blast! Aminin!

For my party this year, as early as first week of August, Tim Yap has already organized a birthday dinner and cocktails for me at Opus in Resorts World! I was excited! Then half way through the month my family told me to block off August 27-30 as they planned something special for me! Uh-oh… paano na ang party koooo??? Haha!

I texted Tim about it and like a true BFF he replied:
“Family first.” Paaaak!

My friend, designer Rajo Laurel has also been teasing me: “Magparamdam ka namaaaaan!” I crack up every time he texts, DM’s, or calls me about it! My dear Rajo, one more month, at lalabas na ako! Abangan ang apparition ko! Humanda kayong lahat! Walang uwian!  LOL

When life gets really busy and hectic, it’s nice to know that you have friends and family who can make you feel loved and understood. The truth is, I cannot afford to have a day-off till September. I’m working on my last project for the year and I need to focus! There’s so much to do! In fact, I have missed a lot of events because of work. Thank God I have friends who know me really well and understands the nature of my work. I love them!

Here’s what my family has planned for my birthday:

Makati Shangri-la Hotel is literally our second home. Ever since it opened, we have celebrated most of our special occasions in the hotel. It is also our safe house during a typhoon and New Year’s Eve blasts! I find it nostalgic and touching that Tom and Aryanna wanted me to take a break and live like a queen for a few days in a place that our family has been very familiar with. They arranged a simple but very beautiful way of spending my birthday this year — relaxing, sweet, and homey. It was the perfect way to cap the very fast and amazing year that passed. My family knows just what I need! I love them!

A good start

Thanks hun! I needed that time off!

The sweetest daughter in the whole world!

Oh yeah, checking mommy in! Si mommy lang, OK? Haha!

Thank you MSH for the special treatment!

OK guys, don’t get too comfortable! Five more minutes then scoot! Haha!

An Epperson tradition. I’m next! LOL

Le bar

The essentials:

The tech station

Some light reading


Beauty basics (subject to change without prior notice, haha!)

I can wear these for days!

Thank you Makati Shangri-la for the Emoticake!!!

The view: gloomy, rainy, cold day—perfect!

The boys that brighten up my life

Yes, may Dylan sightings na naganap! Haha!

My life!

See, birthdays must be celebrated, and it’s easy with wonderful friends and family! It’s been a great birthday despite the different way of spending it this year. And on top of that —I love my friends talaga! Read my tweets! They STILL celebrated my b-day salubong with a bang! Yay! I just wish I was there! Bongga. Talagang party on, with or without me! Haha! Thank you loves!

Para na akong sirang plaka pero here it goes: thank you to my family and friends who greeted me a Happy Birthday on Twitter and Facebook, and for all the text messages and calls I got! I appreciate all of them! You guys made my birthday a memorable one!

Thanks to my beloved @TeamJENNIration for all the sweet tweets! Mahal ko talaga kayo! You guys inspire me to no end!

Special thanks to @AnggaAko (Team JENNIration president and Hong Kong division head, o, ha!) and @TheJosephine for this:

@TheJosephine “Happy Birthday @JenniEpperson !! My fansign :)) http://twitpic.com/6dq53h – #JENNIration @teamJENNIration”

Grabe! Ang kyoot! Thanks!!!

Thanks @antipara: http://yfrog.com/g0g9bvtj Happy Birthday 🙂 @JenniEpperson

Thanks Joy!!!

Shoppingero/shoppingera, tune in to “A Very Happy Birthday, Part Two”!

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  1. Wow! balated Happy bday Jenni,obviously I got too busy and didnt noticed that ur bday passed already…wow we have the same shirt lol fm Zara..its navy isnt it? hope you had a nice blast…

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