A Different Kind Of Beauty Day

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If you’re following me on Twitter or you’re part of my Facebook group, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been mentioning about having “a different kind of beauty day”.

A “Beauty Day” is when I take time out, a few hours a week (or every other two weeks), to pamper myself and relax. My day usually involves getting a haircut at Henri Calayag’s Salon, going to a spa, a mani/pedi, and a facial. It’s probably the only time where I’m not doing anything but sitting or lying down and letting the experts do their jobs.

I still do all of those on a regular basis, but since last June, I’ve added a new regimen. Instead of the usual pampering, I’ve been getting body treatments at Marie France!

Marie France reception

I’ve been looking for alternatives on losing weight and tightening my body without feeling dead tired at the end of the day. I’ve been very busy the last few months working on several projects, attending to my day job, taking care of my family, and so on that by the time I get home, I’m tired. My schedule has also been erratic that attending exercise classes is close to impossible. What’s a working woman to do?

I tried some of Marie France’s treatments three years ago and I remembered the experience similar to going to a spa. Perfect! Just what I need, it’s like killing two birds with one stone: relaxing while getting my body tight! I lav et!

I booked an appointment with Marie France and had a consultation with their resident physician. Told him that I wanted to tighten my abs, loose some inches off my hips, arms, and get rid of cellulite.

After my consultation, I immediately booked an appointment the following day.

The day of my appointment; I was ushered by one of staff to my room. I loved that my room had a window!

The doctor recommended different treatments for me. To loose inches of my body, he suggested doing FMS wraps.

The FMS wraps are soaked in a “cooling” mixture.

FMS (Fat Mobilization System) is a full-body cold-wrap treatment that lasts 25 minutes. They wrap the areas which need some trimming down and it speeds up metabolism.

FMS (Fat Mobilization System)

My tips on what you will need to battle the cold:

Your choice of hot beverage. Marie France offers tea and coffee to their clients. I bring my favorite tea and thermos with me.

Reading materials. I bring assorted magazines and books to help keep my mind off the cold.

Mobile phone. Tweeting helps too. Haha!

Marie France provides hot water bottles to help you fight the cold wraps.

The FMS, in my opinion, is tolerable– well, at least I am able to tolerate it. The first time they wrap you, it chills you to the bone, but after a while, you get used to it. Buti nalang!

After the FMS treatment, it’s Physique Inch-Loss Treatment time! It’s a computer controlled electro-energy machine that  firms up sagging areas in your figure. This treatment, according to a Marie France consultant, is a 15-minute session that is equivalent to 200+ sit ups. Wow!

Physique Inch-Loss Treatment is one of my favorite treatments!

This machine is the Goliath of those vibrating belts! I remember Bruce Lee used to do something similar to this treatment to keep his muscles working (I know this because I’m a martial arts film fanatic! LOL).

Next up is the VelaShape™ Treatment. Before I continue, the girl in the photo is NOT me, OK? Now that we’re clear on that, the VelaShape™ uses combined energies known as elos™ to precisely target and heat fatty tissues within the treatment area. In addition, the vacuum and tissue manipulation evens out the skin to reveal a smoother, tighter figure. In other words, pinaplansta ang mga taba para mas bongga! Haha!

VelaSmooth™ Treatment. FYI: THIS. IS. NOT. MY BODY.

I do alternate treatments between VelaShape™ and EDM.


I am happy to report that according to some of my friends, I look slimmer. I think a combination of eating healthy and the Marie France treatments helped.

If you’re looking for alternative and non-invasive treatments to loose inches off your body or just to tighten your stomach or limbs, try Marie France’s treatments.

Easy peasy:

Step 1: Call Marie France to set an appointment, 894-BODY (2639) with one of their resident doctors. The physician will assess the kind of treatments best suited for your body.

Step 2 : Once the doctor has given you a list on which treatments you need, book an appointment with their staff for your treatments.

The beauty about going to Marie France is that they can move the appointments around your schedule and they’re open as early as 7am to 10pm, everyday. Be sure to commit doing the treatments. I have been going three times a week for four weeks now and I can see some results.

FYI: Marie France has free parking (2-hours only) available at GT Tower, Makati City. Awesome!

For more information, visit MarieFrance.com.ph or call 894-BODY (2639)

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