4 Furniture Young Couples (Singles Too!) Should Invest In

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I just love readers’ feedback and comments on my blog! I’m always giddy reading your emails and comments. Thank you!

Today, I’m going to answer one of your queries (find Reese’s comment here):

Q: “Hi Jenni, I admire that you and Tom have budgeted your house revamp by doing it room by room! Would you by any chance be able to write about items, furniture or appliances that young couples should prioritize?” – Reese

Thank you, Reese! And great question too! Being married for almost 21 years and having moved to 5 different (or is it 6? OMG. We moved so much I forget, haha!) homes I have learned a lot about decorating and what pieces to buy to save money while sticking to my own aesthetics. Here are some of my thoughts on what furniture (I’ll blog about the appliances separately) to invest in especially for a young couple (singles can adapt these too!):


Not only is it often the very first thing you and others see when you open the door, but it gets used all the time, so you want something high quality and stylish.


Dining table

You are eating every day, perhaps a few times a day on your dining table. And if you have children, lots of guests, or find yourself turning your table into a work station from time to time, you want something that will stand the test of time.

Personally, I’m partial to an all-white or a restored wood dining table because it’s a great canvass for my tableware collection.


Great mattress

A good quality mattress is the first building block to a restful slumber. Buy the highest quality mattress you can afford. Department stores have great payment plans with no interest these days, so there’s no reason you can’t create a quality bed. You can skimp on the bed frame but do not go cheap on the mattress. You’ll thank me for it!

Be sure to shop around and try lying on different mattresses. There are two factors to consider: support and comfort. Some prefer soft beds but from Tom and my experience (and our preference too), a mattress that’s firm with a memory foam topper works best.


Coffee table

A double-duty coffee table is the best—serving as a console or coffee table by day and a fully set dinner party table by night (maybe not every night, but some evenings!).

When we used to live in a condo, we did a lot of indoor picnics and used our coffee table to eat in or as an extension of our dining table. Super fun! Best to choose a wider coffee table (chabudai style) that is at a height that would work well with dining seated on floor pillows. You can keep the pillows stacked up in a corner or placed on the sofa to pull out and arrange around a low table when you’re ready to entertain.


It’s tempting, after looking at decor magazines and blogs, to want to buy everything for your home especially when it comes to storage solutions. But instead of trying to fill up the space immediately, live with the problem for a while. Often you’ll happen upon a better solution that will end up being cheaper and simpler.

Also, don’t be in a rush to fill-up your space. Save and look around for quality pieces that evoke your style. I remember that it took Tom and me ten years to find our current dining table! Just wait a few years or a few months and your home will have accumulated plenty (trust me on this!) and you’ll spend weekends trying to cull it. Embrace the minimal while you can.

Once you’ve got your basics, have fun with the extras, like a statement chair, side tables or lamps.

Keep your comments and questions coming!

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  1. Jenni, THANK YOU! So nice and accommodating of you to write this feature. Yes, we’re a young couple and still in the process of fixing up our first home. It’s a condominium and I want to be as practical as possible while still maintaining taste and style. Thanks again and I really love your blog. 🙂

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  2. I like buying comfy beds! Especially those type of Natural Fiber. I prefer to have it because it lasts for a long run like up to 15 years maximum. It also provide bouyant quality which makes you comfortable sleeping 8 hours daily.

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