2 Must-Haves Movie Night At Home Treats

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Watching a movie is a weekend tradition for me and my family. We particularly enjoy watching in Century City Mall’s Premier Cinema because they have the reclining leather chairs and they serve free popcorn and a drink or Toby’s Estate coffee and cookie combo. It’s like being at home and lying on the couch, watching a film except that you’re sharing the screen with 50+ strangers.

Movie night at home with family and friends is more intimate (plus, it’s affordable too). With the horrendous traffic in the city, staying in is IN! On that note, level up your home movie experience with theater-like snacks.

Popcorn & Prosecco

Best movie night pairing in my book is popcorn and Prosecco, both are affordable and available at most grocery stores.


I like making air-popped popcorn at home. It’s healthier than the microwaveable version. Just add powdered cheese or melted butter and some truffle oil for extra flavor.

Date night means grown-up movie snacks.


Unlike in the cinema, you can drink alcohol at home while watching a flick, haha! Prosecco is the perfect drink to cut through all the savory flavors of homemade butter, cheese and truffle air-popped popcorn. So good!

TGIF! Relax and watch a movie at home. 🙂

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