10 Songs To Suit Every Mood

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Music is important to me and my family. It inspires us, motivates us and sometimes, it even helps us heal our spirit. We all like different genres from rock to blues to pop. For me, playing classical music in the morning is part of my ritual. In fact, Aryanna grew up listening to the Classics in the car while I brought her to school. Tom likes playing the blues or reggae when cooking. Aryanna listens to all kinds of music and literally is part of her life being an MTV VJ. My 5-year old son Dylan loves dance music and is learning all about the greats from my husband.

Music fuels our creativity and enriches our lives. It’s fun and it’s life.

Here are some fun songs to listen to for every mood:

1. When you want a good cry

Once in a while, it’s healthy to have a good cry. Listening (and sometimes singing) to “Hello” by Adele will surely bring those tears rollin’ in the deep. When she sings, I truly feel her spirit and it is like a thousand pounds of emotions coming at you. Hellooooooo… From the other siiiiiiiiiiide… BOOM! Hashtag: makatagasluha

2. When you want to have drink at home and chill

I have to thank my daughter Aryanna for always recommending great artists and songs to me (she’s not an MTV VJ for nothing) especially for introducing me to Kat Edmonson’s music. My favorite song is ‘Champagne’! Her voice transports me to a different era. I feel like being in a 1920’s joint sipping champagne from a crystal coupe, wearing a beaded fringe dress and thick eyelashes.

3. If you want to set the mood for entertaining

I always play cha-cha music (not the horrible non-stop party cha-cha version that uses the same synthesized background music but the classy Henry Mancini type) when I entertain especially just when the guests arrive. It’s chill enough as a starter but super festive to listen to. I’ve known a few friends (I’m referring to you Rajo Laurel, Robby Carmona and Nix Alañon) who actually danced to the beat! So, so fun! Try it!

4. When you want to get motivated to exercise

Sometimes, exercising in the morning is painful. I listen to Madonna’s “Give It To Me (ft. Pharrell) and it gets me motivated. I can go on and on and on…

5. When you want to get dressed for a party

I listen to Elvis’ “Blue Suede Shoes” not only because it’s one of the iconic songs but it also is a good reminder to emulate the King Of Pop’s style—to stay original with my sartorial choices and stick to my personal style.

6. When you are in the car on your way to a club or party

I find the best way to be in a party mood while stuck in traffic on my way to the club or an event is to listen to J.Lo’s “On the Floor” (ft. Pitbull). The intro alone pumps me up! So if you see a crazy woman driving down the road and doing the “put your drinks up” move, you know who that is.

7. When someone has betrayed you or did something bad to you

I secretly hum Britney Spears’ “Toxic” whenever I see people who have wronged me, ahahahaha! TOXIC KA!

8. When you’re feeling amorous

Our parents may have listened to Marvin Gaye’s songs to, ehem, get it on, but slow dancing with your loved one to Charlie Puth’s Marvin Gaye” (ft. Meagan Trainor) is romantic and so cute. Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on!!!!!!! KKLK!!!

9. When you’re feeling tired and frustrated

There is always a Beatles song for every mood and “Hard Days Night” is my motivation when working long hours.

10. When you feel you’re taking life too seriously

Jimmy Fallon never fails to put a smile on my face. This version of “Hello” by Adele performed with the comedian and The Roots (using classroom instruments) is a testament that when you add a dash of humor to Adele’s “serious” song it makes life fun! Hallerrrrr!

Have a fun and productive week ahead everyone!

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